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    Flame lighters are of no use when its windy out there which is why we made JETFLAME. It is an Electric Induction Lighter that will light up your cigarettes and provide you with heat in any condition, whenever you need it. 
    It has no flame/torch/plasma, unlike traditional lighters, making it very safe to use. Equipped with tungsten induction coil, it produces an immense amount of heat on a single touch. JETFLAME is 100% eco-friendly and requires no fuel. 
    JETFLAME converts electrical energy into heat energy to light up cigarettes, candles, etc. Its rechargeable battery can be easily charged with basic USB cable. Unlike any ordinary lighter available in the market, it smartly uses the battery when the lid is open. Near the power button, are located the LED display lights that notify you about the level of battery remaining. It is safe to carry in camping trips, trekking etc. 


    Sleek and Discreet Design: We designed JETFLAME with simplicity in mind. The compact design allows for an attractive and classy look that can be carried anywhere safely. 
    Rechargeable and Reusable: JETFLAME can be easily charge with any USB cable plugged into a computer, laptop, power bank, etc.
    • Safe and easy to use 
    • Windproof (Does not produce flames)
    • No gas or fuel
    • USB powered 
    • Environmentally friendly 

    La livraison est GRATUITE!

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